100 Best Fitness Bloggers To Follow In 2020

Are you someone looking to improve your fitness game and learn more about fitness in general?

You might be simply trying our various workouts you have seen on YouTube as well.

Here is one good reason why you should pursue your online search –  to stay fit!

The health club market is worth $96.7 billion globally and has grown every year since 2008 [IHRSA 2020]

When the pandemic started, the first ones to shift focus towards online training were the fitness freaks who are now redefining the ways fitness works.

Out of millions of people trying to get fit, there are a few experts who provide actual value and guidance by blogging about fitness.

The fitness industry has totally evolved from just gymming to various forms of practices like athletics, yoga, pilates, movement training, and even Zumba. The best part is, the training programs are getting personalized.

Being consistent with a lot of effort and dedication definitely brings the est physical fitness out of one and this progress deserves appreciation, and it motivates everyone trying to become a better version of themselves.

This article is the perfect pick for gym-goers, newbie fitness bloggers, and any who is into fitness as a lifestyle.  

In this article, we will provide you with the ultimate list of 100 best fitness bloggers to follow on Twitter and also show you how you can find influencers on social media using Social Animal’s influencer feature.