Digging Deep With NFL & NBA Sports Blogger Dominique Clare

Dominique Clare is an NFL & NBA blogger, in the fitness industry, as well as a content director for Midwest Communications. He is also known for rising his fame on social media by bringing you the stats on sports & fitness to keep y’all entertained and up to date!

Q1.) What’s your backstory on becoming a Sports & Fitness blogger and what was your life like growing up?

Dominique Clare: “After college, I had a lot of thoughts sitting in my head so I started my own entertainment blog. It was all over the place but it was an outlet for all of my thoughts and passions. The first time I had a post go viral was when I fell in love with blogging. That is when I realized that my thoughts could truly entertain or influence other people.”

“I had a unique life growing up. I wasn’t born in the United States of America. I was born in the Bahamas and moved to Minnesota when I was little. I spent every summer in the Bahamas with my grandparents until I was in my middle school age and sports became more serious.”

“I went to school in a smaller Minnesotan community outside of Minneapolis called Delano. Coming from a smaller town is one thing that drives me because I want to show people that you can accomplish all your dreams regardless of where you live or grow up. Especially in the internet connected world of today.”