Top athlete influencers of 2021

Influencer marketing sure has emerged as one of the most promising and profitable marketing techniques in the past couple of years.

It is natural for people to look for experiences of other people (whom they trust) before they can make a buying decision. It is this tendency that has made influencers an ever-important marketing tool for businesses and a source of information and recommendations for users.

Not only do these influencers give off a load of pretty useful information for the customers seeking recommendations, but also give them a first-hand review of useful products that can help them solve the particular problems they are seeking solutions for.

Now it is not really an easy feat to list out the top influencers for each of the category for the past year. Appy Pie jumped into the task knowing that the top influencer list cannot be decided only by the number of followers. The real influence comes from the influencer establishing stronger relationship with the audience by engaging with them, instead of simply broadcasting.

Taking all these factors into account, Appy Pie has brought together a list of influencers from different niches who have extended their influence over a sizeable audience while establishing a two-way communication.